It’s Not Your Grandad’s Factory Anymore: Tech Takes a Front Seat on the Factory Floor

When some people think of manufacturing, they imagine what it once looked like years ago. Since that time, the industry has changed, and it is no longer what is typically perceived. In the past few decades, there have been incredible improvements and technological advances. Frequently one hears,  “America was built on manufacturing,” and those of […]

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Welcoming the “Golden Era:” STEM, the Skills Gap, and Women in Manufacturing

The manufacturing landscape has been fairly dramatic over the past few years. With reshoring becoming a reality and a trend of consequence, conjectures have abounded. Will manufacturing reclaim its stronghold? Will its contribution to the GDP rise? While there are no definitive answers or fool proof estimates, one thing is crystal clear. In order to […]

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Why aren’t More Women in Manufacturing?

Here in the manufacturing industry, there is a new segment of workers that is being targeted. That is, more companies are looking at how to attract women to take on manufacturing-related jobs. Historically, manufacturing has been a male-dominated field, with men taking the majority of positions in technical fields and industries for many years. Now, […]

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