5-Axis Machining and Milling

Astro Machine Works, Inc. offers high performance simultaneous 5-axis machining and five sided milling capabilities for more challenging applications. With the addition of multiple 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centers featuring the latest in technological innovations, we have taken our machining capabilities to a higher level to better serve the needs of our customer base. These machines offer a large work cube making them an excellent choice for machining more complex or intricate multi-sided parts.


5-Axis Machining vs. 3-Axis Machining

A traditional 3-axis machining system moves across the X, Y, and Z axes, providing lateral and vertical movement. For some complex pieces, this requires multiple setups and extensive fixture preparation. In contrast, 5-axis machining provides movement across the X, Y, and Z axes, and also rotates on the A and B axes, allowing the piece to be machined from virtually any angle in a single setup.

By increasing machining capabilities within a single setup, our 5-axis machining systems are able to machine complex shapes faster, and the end product boasts a higher degree of accuracy. In addition to these features, the rotational capabilities of 5-axis machining allow us to achieve surface finishes of a higher quality than possible with 3-axis machining.

For parts like impellers and turbines where precise rotational machining is essential, 5-axis machining is the best way to ensure that your parts maintain a high quality with a smooth surface finish. Even if your part does not feature complex geometries or deep cavities, 5-axis machining can lead to shorter turnaround and increased accuracy for many other applications.

Benefits of 5-Axis Milling and Machining

Our 5-axis milling and machining capabilities offer a number of important benefits including:

  • Ability to machine highly complex shapes with only a single setup
  • Enhanced accuracy for the finished product
  • Shorter production times that enable us to complete your project more quickly
  • Tools capable of accessing hard-to-reach places with ease
  • Improved surface finish on the final product
  • High-capacity table that rotates faster and can easily handle your heavier parts


Our Machining Capabilities

Astro Machine Works’ capabilities include top-quality machining for a wide range of materials, including challenging materials such as high temperature alloys and titanium. With services such as reverse engineering and prototype machining, we are able to produce customized parts that meet the exact specifications of our customers. We serve a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, energy production, medical, food processing, defense and aerospace.

We bring more than three decades of custom machine building, fabricating and machining, complemented by our 5-axis machining and milling processes. Our three manufacturing/assembly facilities located in Ephrata, PA comprise more than 60,000 square feet. We’re also an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified business, ensuring we adhere to the highest quality standards in the industry.

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