Wire EDM Machining

Electrical Discharge Machining, or EDM machining, makes use of electrical discharges to remove materials from a work piece in order to create the desired finish or shape. Because this process uses electrical discharge (sparks) to obtain a desired shape, it is also sometimes referred to as ‘spark machining’.

Wire EDM is one version of the EDM machining process and involves feeding a thin metal wire through a work piece as it is submerged in dielectric fluid. Because there is no actual physical contact that occurs between the wire and the work piece, Wire EDM machining is a great choice for cutting plates or making tools or other pieces from harder metals. Wire EDM machining is also frequently used when a low amount is residual stress is called for, as it does not require a high level of cutting force in order to remove materials from the work piece.

Benefits of Wire EDM

Wire EDM services from Astro Machine Works can provide multiple benefits for a business. The process features a quick turnaround time, so we can get your piece back to you quickly and eliminate costly downtime. EDM is stress-free, reducing the potential for damage to your piece. The accuracy of wire EDM is also very high, ensuring dependable consistency across a high-volume of work pieces.

In many cases, wire EDM machining can produce parts more economically than other machining processes, resulting in lower costs for you. The wire EDM process is easily repeatable, so it can deliver consistent and reliable results. Finally, wire EDM’s tight tolerances provide a superior finish, even when working with more exotic metals such as carbide, inconel and titanium.


Wire EDM Applications

Wire EDM machining is ideal for micromachining processes and other types of applications where maximum precision is essential. It is often the best machining choice when the finished piece must be completely free of burrs or other defects, or when tight slots or small corner radiuses are present. EDM is often used in the manufacturing of extrusion dies and blanking punches in addition to metal and tool fabrication. Also, because of the high degree of precision and the extremely small diameter of the wire used in this process, wire EDM machining services are ideal for pieces that are intricate and / or delicate.

Astro Machine Works Capabilities

In addition to superior EDM machining services, Astro Machine Works’ precision machining capabilities include complete CNC precision machining capabilities with our multiple machining centers. Our Ephrata, PA manufacturing/assembly facilities cover approximately 60,000 square feet. With our reverse engineering capabilities and prototype machining services, we are able to provide customized machine parts at a consistent cost. We’re an ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certified small business that is fully capable of being a full-service machining solutions provider.

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