CNC Machining Services

Computer numeric control (CNC) machining, also known as CNC milling, is a process that automates the operation of machine tools via precisely programmed computer commands. CNC machining became the industry standard in the late 1960s and has remained a preferred method. CNC precision machining can produce numerous types of complex parts and components with high accuracy. Machines and tools that can be controlled via CNC machining include lathes, grinders, routers, and mills.


We are a Top CNC Lathe Machining Parts Company

Astro Machine Works has everything needed to produce the best custom-made CNC machined parts for our diverse customer base. With various turning capabilities, we have the expertise to tackle any project and meet exact specifications. Our CNC machining services include CNC lathe machining that is ideally suited for producing intricate parts where precision and accuracy are paramount. Our CNC lathe machining capabilities range from very small to large capacities. And, when you choose us for your CNC lathe machining needs, you’re assured of receiving a finished product that will exceed your high standards in terms of quality, accuracy, and precision.

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We Also Offer Expert CNC Milling Service

Utilizing the most up-to-date CNC milling machines, our CNC milling service is an excellent solution for creating parts featuring complex shapes and high dimensional tolerances while providing a cost-effective solution for short production runs. CNC precision milling can produce virtually any 2D or 3D shape where the rotating cutting tools can easily reach the material.

Astro Machine Works is your reliable partner for obtaining parts with unique or complex shapes. Our custom CNC milling services are tailored to your specifications, ensuring precision. With expertise in three-axis and five-axis milling, we are well-equipped to handle your manufacturing processes or metal fabrication needs. Whether you need a prototype or a fully functioning product, we will deliver quickly and efficiently, helping you meet even the most demanding production schedules.

Prototyping Services Are Also Available

A prototype is often necessary to achieve the desired result when performing custom CNC work. Our machining design experts have the knowledge and tools to deliver unmatched CNC prototyping services. Our CNC precision machining services include the designing and engineering prototypes that give you the confidence of knowing a part will meet your manufacturing requirements — and your quality standards. We’ll use your input during every phase of the prototyping process, from conception to production.

Quality Is Always a Top Priority at Astro Machine Works

Whether you choose us for CNC milling or turning services, you can always count on Astro Machine Works to perform work exceeding your quality expectations. As an ISO 9001 and AS9100 quality-certified company, we adhere to the highest quality standards in the CNC machining industry. We’ve implemented the most stringent quality control procedures in every aspect of our operation to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers.

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5-Axis CNC Machining Service

5-axis machining involves using computer numeric control to move a workpiece along five axes simultaneously. This allows a level of high-precision machining of complex parts far beyond what other machining techniques can provide.

5-axis CNC precision machining and five-sided milling also produce the smooth surface finish essential for many manufacturing applications. Despite its utilization of advanced technology, 5-axis CNC machining provides superior results at an extremely affordable price point. This machining process is a preferred choice in the aerospace industry, renowned for requiring precise and accurate machining of complex parts.

We are Fully Equipped to Take on Any CNC Precision Machining Job

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Ephrata, PA span 60,000 square feet with a comprehensive range of cutting-edge computerized milling and turning centers. Equipped with water jet, laser cutting, and wire-EDM machining equipment we promise nothing short of excellence in every project.

Our CNC precision machining department uses the latest CAD/CAM software. We can download custom drawing files from companies worldwide with our custom-configured CNC lathe machines integrated with our CAD/CAM systems. This capability simplifies all our CNC machining processes.

The combination of superior CNC precision machining equipment and our team members’ unsurpassed knowledge and experience enables Astro Machine Works to provide our customers with the best CNC machining services. This allows our customers to keep up with their demanding production schedules while experiencing a low per-piece rate that increases the profitability of the machining project.


The Astro Machine Works Story

Astro Machine Works has proudly been delivering CNC precision machining services since 1984. With a passion for efficiency and consistency, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the present, as we consistently invest in new machinery and resources to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies that shape our industry. We maintain a competitive edge by leveraging the latest computerized machine tools and other advanced technologies and offer the most extraordinary CNC services.

Partner with us and experience precision and innovation in every project we take.

CNC Machining Industry Applications

CNC Machining Industry Applications

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CNC precision machining offers advantages for industries that depend on high volumes of precise parts. With CNC machining systems, intricate designs with exact tolerances and specifications can be translated into precise machining instructions. CNC precision machining processes can tackle massive, hefty, or complex components without human intervention, resulting in a manufacturing process prioritizing safety from beginning to end.

Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Aerospace: The aerospace industry relies on highly precise components that must be performed without risk of failure. CNC precision machining can produce parts with no variability, human error, or excess product waste. Modern aeronautics equipment and systems require lightweight, extremely intricate components. Parts need to be identical from one aircraft to another to ensure safe operation and quick replacement in case of a problem. Commonly used CNC machined parts in the aerospace industry include landing gear parts, engine components, and fuel access panels.
  • Consumer electronics: Consumer electronics—smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets—comprise hundreds of smaller, interconnected components. CNC machining processes can produce metal and plastic components for various electronic configurations. This industry relies on CNC machining to manufacture housings, chassis, fixtures, printed circuit boards, and more.
  • Healthcare: Medical devices are highly regulated, and the FDA sets strict standards regarding the design and manufacture of medical goods. CNC machining processes can be designed to produce safe and identical parts, even those with custom or complicated geometries. These products include surgical instruments, implants, orthotics, heart rate monitors, MRI scanners, and electronic enclosures.
  • Defense: Military-approved manufacturers are held to a higher part precision and durability standard. CNC machining can handle these demands while keeping production and labor costs low. The defense industry uses CNC machining for original, replacement, and reverse-engineered components.
  • Energy: CNC turning and milling solutions commonly produce pistons, rods, pins, cylinders, and other components in pipelines and mining sites. CNC machining ensures each part is built with the proper thickness and specifications to handle highly pressurized, corrosive environments.

CNC Machining Capabilities

At Astro Machine Works, our 72,000-square-foot facility houses state-of-the-art equipment for various CNC precision machining services. We provide the following precision machining operations:

  • CNC mills: In precision CNC milling, rotating tools remove excess material from a stationary workpiece. This method is ideal for rectangular or square materials.
  • CNC lathes: CNC lathes rotate the workpiece around stationary cutting tools. These machines can also create holes, threads, broaches, and slots.
  • CNC plasma cutters: Plasma cutters use precision plasma torches to melt away external materials to form the desired components.
  • CNC electric discharge machines: EDM removes excess material by using electrical discharge sparks to erode the workpiece, which must be electrically conductive.
  • CNC water jet cutters: These precise cutters use a highly pressurized stream of water mixed with an abrasive to cut holes or shapes out of the workpiece.

CNC Machining Services from Astro Machine Works

CNC machining processes are diverse and highly accurate, delivering superior and consistently reliable quality. With CNC production services, you can generate large-volume orders of intricate parts with exceptional accuracy and efficiency.

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