In the electronics and semiconductor industries, industry professionals employ some of the smallest and most precise manufacturing and machining services of any modern industry. When producing these products, they must also ensure responsible handling of uncontaminated raw materials—such as pure silicon—and maintain a workspace that meets extreme cleanliness standards and is staffed by knowledgeable team members.

At Astro Machine Works, we have the in-house expertise, world-class facility, and long-standing track record needed to fulfill the most demanding manufacturing and machining requests. Our team’s extensive experience handling raw materials combined with our expertise in producing the most complex and irregularly shaped components, ensures that customers get the exact products they need exactly when they need them.

Semiconductor Materials and Properties

Semiconductors are primarily made of Si (silicon), meaning they’re not as conductive as other commonly machined materials like copper and silver; however, unlike components made from other raw materials, semiconductors are capable of operating in a wide range of environments and at varying temperatures. This makes them highly mobile and therefore prized for chips found in a host of electronic devices and equipment, from desktop computers and laptops to GPS systems and iPhones.

In addition to microchips, semiconductors are also crucial to the assembly of solar battery cells, since they can transfer the absorption of light into an electrical current. With various materials added during the manufacturing process, semiconductors can also be used to produce light in specific colors, known as light emitting diodes (LEDs). Certain lasers also owe their energy release and operational qualities to the semiconductor.

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What Is Semiconductor Manufacturing?

Semiconductor production operations can be classified into two main categories: design and manufacturing. Companies that provide design-only services are referred to as fabless, while those that offer manufacturing-only services are called foundries. The companies that perform both design and manufacturing are known as integrated device manufacturers (IDMs).

At Astro Machine Works, we know that semiconductor manufacturing is a staple for businesses in the electronics industry. And since so much rides on getting these small components packed with intellectual property produced correctly and on time, companies need to choose a manufacturer they can trust throughout every step of the process.

Equipped with an ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified manufacturing facility and over 30 years of industry experience, our experts have the skills and knowledge to provide full-service solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including:

  • Energy production
  • Food processing
  • Government
  • Medical
  • Military and defense
  • Pharmaceutical

We also offer reverse engineering and prototyping services, which allow us to create custom machined parts that serve as cost-effective replacements for discontinued or unavailable components.

Learn more about Astro Machine Works unique manufacturing service offerings, including CNC machining, reverse engineering, and more.

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Electronics and Semiconductor Machining with Astro Machine Works

Founded in 1984, Astro Machine Works has been perfecting the automated process of computer numeric control (CNC) to machine the most demanding components for the electronics industry. All of our services are customizable to meet the needs of a diverse set of industries.

Our extensive list of custom design, engineering, and manufacturing services includes:

Whatever your machining or fabrication needs, Astro Machine Works has the equipment, knowledge, and experience to ensure that you receive the exact parts you need when you need them. Contact us today to learn what best-in-class manufacturing is all about.

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