Situations sometimes arise where a customer needs OEM replacement parts that are no longer available or are extremely difficult to find. In the past, the customer could have been forced to alter their production processes or purchase a new machine, resulting in a significant expense.

As part of our commitment to solving challenging problems for our customers, Astro Machine Works has developed reverse engineering services that enable us to reproduce replacement parts in a timely and cost-effective manner. All we need is a sample of the worn or broken part, and we can produce a replacement part that will perform just like the original. 

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The reverse engineering of machinery using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software is a complex and precise process that can be used to recreate or modify any type of machinery. The entire process involves the use of 3D modeling, data collection, and analysis of the existing parts in order to recreate them with accuracy and precision. This helps in replacing worn or obsolete parts, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

We can facilitate the reverse engineering of entire machines, allowing for part replacement, upgrades, and automation to be added. A rebuild aims to ensure that all components are in optimal working condition while also restoring any lost performance or efficiency due to general wear and tear. Machine rebuilds are carried out by certified technicians who use specialized tools and Custom CNC Machining techniques to restore the function of each machine component.

CAD software also allows us to create detailed models and simulate how a product will behave in the real world, giving us an idea of any potential issues that can arise before production begins. This is why reverse engineering of machinery using CAD is such an important procedure – it helps to ensure safety and accuracy while reducing design costs.

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What is the Objective of Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering primarily aims to create a part or component for a specific application. However, it requires understanding the actual thought process of the original designer. For instance, some factors must be determined first, such as the many parameters to get the part right, such as size and shape precision, material selection, and strength.

As one of the most reputable reverse engineering companies, we have professional designers that use CAD software to create a model of the part with almost all features. These are highly detailed, showing perfectly flat faces, round holes, and seamlessly blended surfaces.

The model allows us to do 3D modeling with Solidworks, which is a powerful and sophisticated analytical tool to study the part from different angles, as well as dimension-rich 2D drawings. This helps us determine material strength, cost optimization, sustainability issues and other design considerations. As a result, we can recreate the original design with accuracy and precision.

Advantages of reverse engineering:

  • Recreate a product
  • Determine issues and vulnerabilities of a product
  • Reduces product development costs

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The Process of Reverse Engineering

The reverse engineering process is long and involves numerous different steps. The first thing that must be done is to understand the function and purpose of the component before it can be replicated. CNC Reverse Engineering is not enough to duplicate the physical part. Understanding how it interacts with the surrounding features of the system is also paramount.

Today, some engineers use 3D scanning technologies to make these kinds of measurements. With three-dimensional scanners, engineers can gain accurate readings of the product’s specs and have this information automatically logged in their databases. 3D scanning technologies include coordinate measuring machines (CMM), industrial computed tomography (CT) scanners, laser scanners and structured light digitizers.

We work closely with our clients as we rely on the needs and requirements of their industry that are imperative to their project’s needs. Even though we’re the best at what we do, we understand our clients’ roles and expertise. We always include them in our reverse engineering projects.

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Why Choose Astro Machine Works Reverse Engineering Services

There are many reasons why you should trust our CNC reverse engineering services. We have a team of experienced engineers and designers and the latest equipment to help us ensure that your project will meet your stringent specifications.

Other benefits of choosing us:

  • We help our clients keep their machines and processes running optimally by reproducing the parts and components they have used for numerous years that have proven historically successful.
  • Our accurate coordinate measuring machine (CMM) can save our clients valuable time.
  • We successfully duplicate no longer available parts, ensuring our client’s equipment is up and running quickly.

Trust Astro Machine Works’ Reverse Engineering Services

At Astro Machine Works, we can recreate the parts and components your facility needs. Even though these are unavailable on the market, our reverse engineering capabilities can help you find a solution. Our experienced engineers and designers will work closely with you to meet your requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our government or commercial departments today. We look forward to working with you!

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