Telecommunications equipment manufacturers (TEMs) are responsible for manufacturing the hardware, devices, and equipment the telecommunications industry relies on to stay in business. Needless to say, it’s a highly competitive industry that includes companies providing telephone, cable, and data services.

AdobeStock 63924573According to a report from First Research, American telecommunications equipment manufacturers generate approximately $36-38 billion annually in combined revenue. Recent research puts the overall yearly global price tag for telecommunications equipment at somewhere in the vicinity of $345 billion. Much of the growth in the industry is being fueled by the buildout of high-speed networks such as 5G. In addition, in the U.S. market, changes and upgrades from traditional telephone networks to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), as well as television and cable providers switching to HDTV, are keeping equipment manufacturers very busy.

Examples of Telecommunications Hardware

From wireless cell phones to landline internet cables, the hardware used in the telecommunications industry comes in many forms. At Astro Machine Works, we have extensive experience manufacturing myriad types of telecom equipment and components. Our 72,000-square-foot facility houses all the equipment and machinery required to successfully produce virtually any type of telecommunications hardware.

Through many years of practical experience, we have come to understand the unique challenges and specifications associated with manufacturing equipment for the telecommunications sector. Our dedicated team of expert machinists, engineers, and other professionals have the collective expertise necessary to build virtually any type of telecommunications hardware.

AdobeStock 240877638Some of the telecom products we commonly produce include:

  • Cell phones
  • Chipsets
  • Wireless infrastructure equipment
  • Landline infrastructure equipment
  • Networking devices
  • Modems
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Satellites
  • Residential gateways

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Telecommunication Applications

AdobeStock 41544289In today’s connected, technologically driven world, telecommunications technology is more important and universal than ever before. From takeout restaurants to government agencies, nearly every modern organization uses some form of telecommunications equipment to facilitate their daily operations. Some of the most notable users include:

  • Cybersecurity firms
  • Hospitals/first responders
  • Internet service providers
  • Radio
  • Television/cable

Astro Machine Works understands today’s interconnected world and we are proud to build hardware and telecom products that continually bring people and businesses closer than ever before. For the telecommunications industry, high-quality parts and components are essential for the success of the varied technologies and services that allow users to stay connected. Our experience and portfolio of successful telecommunications projects have allowed us to grow and become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality telecommunications hardware.

CNC Machining for the Telecommunications Industry

Innovative changes in the telecommunications industry are occurring on an increasingly regular basis. Because of this, organizations in need of manufacturing and machining services need a company they can trust to deliver excellence and value. That’s why our team at Astro Machine Works is proud to offer more than three decades of experience and service.

Our ability to perform computer numeric control (CNC) machining and milling have been continuously honed and perfected over 30 years in business. Our team consists of best-in-class machinists, CNC operators, engineers, electricians, and other skilled professionals — all dedicated to meeting the quick turnaround times and complex specifications of our clients’ orders.

Whatever your telecommunication equipment needs are, from RFI shielding and heat sinks to microwave tower components, you can’t afford to trust the fabrication of critical equipment to just anyone. Reliability and experience are mandatory. And with Astro Machine Works, you get just that from the time you reach out for a quote until final inspection and delivery of your order.

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Telecommunications Fabrication Support

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Beyond our extensive fabrication capabilities, the team at Astro Machine Works can also provide engineering support for original components and equipment for telecommunications applications. Our engineering are experienced in SolidWorks, 3D modeling, WorkNC, and MasterCam, enabling them to handle projects of nearly any complexity. Our engineering support team have created an extensive array of components used in telecommunications, such as:

  • Access panel frames
  • Heat sinks
  • Shielding equipment
  • Microwave tower components
  • Antennas
  • Amplifier housings

Certified Quality Control

Astro Machine Works is a proud member of the Manufacturers’ Association, with a certified quality management system in full accordance with AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 guidelines. Moreover, we possess both the in-house experience and a track record of satisfied clients in the telecommunications equipment field and beyond. Our ability is only matched by our world-class, 72,000-square-foot facility in Ephrata, PA, where we’re able to cost-effectively manufacture products from the very best raw materials. And when you work with us, you can be sure that all of our manufacturing, assembly, repair, and technical support efforts follow the highest quality and industry standards.

In addition to filling time-sensitive and custom orders, we’re committed to delivering value and top-notch customer service. When you work with us, you always have the confidence that comes from working with a certified ISO 9001 and AS9100 American small business with an accredited A+ Better Business Bureau rating. When business is on the line, choose Astro Machine Works to answer the call for equipment. Contact us to learn why Astro-built means you’re ready for the future of your industry.

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