A Celebration of American Manufacturing: National Manufacturing Day 2013

These days, much of the conversation about the economy and American manufacturing is focusing on its comeback. A growing trend—and one projected to keep going—is reshoring, or bringing manufacturing back to American soil.

In this article, it’s stated that “outsourcing is being challenged by the desire to bring manufacturing jobs back to America…the concept is that most companies underestimate the total cost of outsourcing by as much as 30 percent and dramatically underestimate the overall risk to their supply chain.” It’s clear that companies around the world are realizing the value of American manufacturing, for many reasons.

At the same time, the manufacturing skills shortage is another major topic, as skills are required to meet the demand created by reshoring, as well as the loss of skilled workers due to retirement.

Therefore, now is a good time to think about and plan for the second annual National Manufacturing Day, occurring October 4, 2013. The inaugural event was a successful celebration of the industry in our country, which was co-produced by the nation’s leading manufacturing associations. Over 240 events were held throughout the country, with over 7,000 people participating. Its purpose was to highlight the advantages of careers in manufacturing, showcase the importance of manufacturing for our economy, celebrate the men and women who make the industry so successful, and introduce manufacturers to relevant resources and services.

This year’s event will include career and educational workshops, open houses at facilities and plants, public tours, and much more. It will also encourage and engage young people, and show them how they can benefit from today’s manufacturing, which is different than that of their parents and grandparents generations.

It’s an excellent opportunity for manufacturers, students, parents, business owners, and community leaders to take part in an industry that is truly the backbone of this country. For more information on National Manufacturing Day, visit the website and start preparing for the next manufacturing day.

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