American Made Really Does Matter

Manufacturing has been a hot topic lately, with much scrutiny on the economy, jobs, and skills. At Astro Machine, we have spent the last 30 years manufacturing precision parts with our American workforce in Ephrata, PA.

In order to highlight American made goods and showcase American manufacturers, one organization is working tirelessly to educate consumers on the importance of buying products that have been Made in the USA.

American Made Matters®  is made up of over 350 member companies located in over 45 states. They are a resource for consumers looking for products that are made here as well as resource for sponsors and members to form working manufacturing partnerships. AMM’s standard (which is separate from the FTC’s standard) is that at least 50% of the cost (labor, material, overhead) of the product is incurred in the United States and the final assembly or transformation takes place in the United States.

Too many manufacturing jobs were lost to offshoring. As the nation’s consumers realize the value American manufacturing has on the economy, the push is on to increase capabilities. Additional manufacturing operations and ‘reshoring’ are a great investment in the future of the American dream.

The following blog, 10 Reasons You Should Buy American Made Products perfectly states why buying American is extremely important:

  • Provides jobs for future generations
  • Promotes American Independence
  • Better for the environment
  • Our government cannot control foreign labor standards
  • Boosts American investment opportunities
  • Guaranteed quality of goods
  • Guaranteed safer and fair working conditions
  • Helps reduce the deficit
  • Avoids foreign political debates
  • Outsourced manufacturing plants rarely return to the U.S.

So, on November 19th, dedicated as American Made Matters Day 2016, consider using your purchasing power to buy one item that is American made. The fact is that if we just spent 5% more on American made goods, one million jobs would be created.

We urge all of you to consider choosing a product made in America by American workers.

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