And the Honor goes to………..Astro Machine Works!

February 13th was a day of celebration here at Astro Machine — that’s when it was announced we were chosen as the Manufacturing Extension Partnership’s “Make it in America Manufacturer of the Week!” We received this honor in recognition of our success at entering new markets, finding new customers, and generating significant new sales.

And what helped guide us along this path to achievement? An ongoing collaboration with MANTEC, a government-funded resource whose mission it is to drive strength in manufacturing through continuous innovation and growth. Specifically aimed at helping small and mid-sized manufacturers who are willing to commit to improvement, it makes available a team of experts to help companies achieve specific and measurable goals, such as instituting Lean Manufacturing initiatives, creating sustainability plans, and meeting business growth objectives. As an affiliate of NIST’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership, MANTEC is one of many regional programs that smaller U.S. manufacturers can take advantage of to improve their performance and become more competitive.

At Astro Machine Works, we embrace a culture of continuous improvement as part of our ongoing efforts to advance our products, services, and processes. We have utilized MANTEC’s resources to help us develop workforce programs and maintain status as an approved supplier to the Department of Defense. More recently, we engaged with them in a lead generation program that helped us penetrate new markets and grow our annual revenue stream. We stand proudly as an example of how our collaboration with MANTEC enabled us to achieve real, quantifiable results and lay a foundation for future growth. We encourage all of our manufacturing partners to explore similar opportunities to help strengthen America’s position as a world leader in the manufacturing industry.

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