Astro has Less Stress with our Newest Machine

Who can weld and stress relieve all at the same time? That would be us, here at Astro Machine Works, thanks to the newest capability added to our shop floor, the Meta-Lax® stress relief system.

We have long been able to custom machine and weld products for all of our customers, to a variety of specifications and requirements. However, when it came to the stress relieving process, more specifically, a certain cooling process after fabrication that removes stresses from a material, we needed to send our fabrications to a vendor for this secondary process. At this vendor, the stress relieving process would be performed and sent back before we could continue with the finish machining of the weldment or fabrication.

Now, with the help of our Meta-Lax® 2400 stress relieving equipment, this secondary process has been eliminated. With this unit, we are able to perform the stress relieving process ourselves through a sub-harmonic frequency. Specifically, this equipment is clamped to the weldment and throughout the welding process, molecules are realigned and the stress relieving takes place. Due to this, less distortion and premature cracking occurs after the machining process, providing parts of the highest quality.

We are becoming a one-stop shop for our customers more so every day. We will continue to provide parts and machines to the best of our ability, utilizing the best processes and practices possible.

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