Astro Honors National Safety Month With Year Long Initiatives

June is here, bringing with it — National Safety Month — an annual event organized by the National Safety Council to raise awareness of workplace safety.

During National Safety Month, the National Safety Council publishes a wide range of educational information — including articles, checklists, and comprehensive safety guidelines — to help companies across all industries better ensure the safety of their employees and the communities in which they work.

Safety at Astro

Here at Astro Machine Works, we’re proud to support and spread awareness of National Safety Month; dedicated to implementing solid safety best practices, our team takes steps to improve workplace safety, not just during National Safety Month, but year-round.

To spearhead our safety efforts and ensure that we follow the most up-to-date safety practices and procedures, we have an internal Safety Committee on staff. The Safety Committee meets regularly throughout the year to discuss facility safety practices and performance to update protocol as necessary.

Moreover, the Safety Committee implemented a new role for our facility: Corrective Action Coordinator. The Corrective Action Coordinator goes through the shop on a regular basis, inspecting equipment and checking to ensure that all employees are correctly following the latest safety precautions and procedures.

The committee also sponsors and organizes an annual safety training session, mandatory for all company employees. Yearly, a third-party safety expert visits the Astro facility to lead a panel on safety applications and to discuss any updates to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) workplace safety guidelines and regulations. We also watch safety and training videos, speaking directly to industry-related issues, and answering any questions that employees might have.

As part of our continual safety improvement process, Astro Machine Works is proud to support the National Safety Council and National Safety Month this June.

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