Astro Machine Works Remains Fully Operational

To Our Valued Customers & Clients:
In the interest of serving our customer base without interruption, we have committed to weekly status reports surrounding our production schedule and ability to honor our delivery commitments. Accordingly, we are pleased to provide you, our customers, with our second delivery status communication update as we navigate the minute by minute flow of information surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic.

As of March 19, 2020, the governor of Pennsylvania has issued an order closing all but “life sustaining” businesses in the state of Pennsylvania. It has been determined that the operations of Astro Machine Works are authorized to continue under the stipulations as outlined in the governor’s order. Our support of customers in the medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, nuclear energy and defense related fields provide substantial evidence to allow for continued operations. Consequently, for the week of March 23rd, there is no major status change as we again see no major disruptions to our scheduled deliveries. It is business as usual and we have been fortunate to have very few of our employee owners requiring major schedule changes considering the many school closings and other inconveniences brought on by this unprecedented event. We are taking all possible precautions as suggested by our various government agencies to keep our team members safe, healthy and informed using all current wellness protocol. Our intent is to stay operational, providing full service to our customer base while functioning with all suggested safeguards and personal protective protocol in place.

Thank you for the trust and confidence you have placed in Astro Machine Works. We are proud to be a vital part of your supply chain and will continue to do everything possible to provide uninterrupted service to you and your company during these very challenging times.


Eric L. Blow

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