Astro Machine Works has Wire EDM Open Capacity

Astro Machine Works in Ephrata, PA provides Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Services. Wire EDM machining is ideally suited for situations requiring low levels of residual stress, minimizing the risk of damage to the workpiece. By enabling hard materials to be wire cut, wire EDM machining eliminates the need for post-machining heat treatment, which in turn reduces the likelihood of surface distortion. Submerging the workpiece in dielectric fluid imposes almost no heat stress on the part. EDM machining process produces an accurate, burr-free surface and edge finish. The workpiece is ready for immediate use with finished parts and components with no post-treatment steps required.

We have 3 Wire EDM Machines for fast parts turnaround:

  • Sodick AG400L: X = 15.75, Y = 11.8, Z = 9.85
  • Sodick AQ537L: X = 22.45, Y = 14.570, Z = 13.00
  • Sodick AQ600LH: X = 23.622, Y = 15.75, Z = 19.00

Wire EDM machining offers a more budget-friendly alternative than many other machining processes;  it is also an excellent choice if you routinely use “exotic” materials in your manufacturing processes, such as tungsten carbide, super alloys or medical-grade stainless steel, as these materials are more easily shaped by wire EDM machining than other methods.

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