Barry Weitzel Retirement Announcement

We have reached another milestone in our history at Astro Machine Works in that we are announcing the retirement of one of our original project managers & very first employee, Barry Weitzel as of December 2nd, 2021. We at Astro are both very sad at the thought of seeing Barry depart but at the same time are very excited to see him start the next chapter in his life after thirty-seven years of service.

Barry has been a stellar performer since joining the company in 1984 and has played a key role in building this company from the ground up. Barry started as a machinist and was eventually promoted to a project management position. Since then, many of you have dealt directly with Barry as a project manager and know the level of experience and dedication that he has brought to the table. This level of expertise is respected by all and will be greatly missed. Fortunately, having realized there were some retirements in our near future, we have been grooming other individuals for this event for the last several years and have been transitioning Barry’s customer list to another very capable member within our team.

We want to wish Barry the very best as he transitions to a new and exciting phase of his life and gets to enjoy his wife, children and especially his grandson on a more regular basis. As we all know, our health and our families are everything and Barry is very fortunate to have both good health and a great family to help enjoy the upcoming years. So again, we wish Barry the very best and wish him nothing but happiness as he departs – he has certainly been a blessing to Astro Machine Works and ultimately to many of you as well. Good luck to our friend and comrade, Barry Weitzel, from your teammates at Astro Machine. Please accept our best wishes for a wonderful retirement!

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