Benefits of Contracting CNC Machining

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When a manufacturing business doesn’t have specific in-house CNC machining abilities, they’ll contract these tasks out to other companies to save money and time. Costs for in-house machining include expensive equipment, experienced workers, and space to house the new operation. In contrast, contract manufacturing can be done with the same level of quality and more reasonable expenditures.

In contract CNC machining, a business that specializes in efficient production of parts uses the hiring company’s designs to create the project. This frees up more of the hiring company’s time and resources to grow their business or focus on their essential manufacturing processes rather than spending time learning new equipment. Components are then labeled with the hiring company’s brand.

Many industries use contract CNC machining services for production of medical devices, electronics, parts for aerospace and defense, and packaging. The extent of the contract manufacturing can be limited to one small part or can be an entire product line.

Benefits of Contracting CNC Machining

  • Expertise: The outsourcing company does not have to start from scratch and get up to speed with the production of a new part or product. They rely on experienced veterans who are accustomed to making new components with tight tolerances and exact specifications.
  • Equipment: The cost of even one CNC machine is high and may not make financial sense if it is used to produce only a few parts.
  • Ability to Scale Up: If more parts are suddenly needed due to increased industry or marketplace demand, contract machining firms are better able to take on the extra work than if the outsourcing company had to purchase new machines, train new employees, and devote more floor space to manufacturing. Outsourcing smaller runs of parts also allows the original manufacturer to focus attention on the most important parts and products that bring in the most business.
  • Quality Control: Contract CNC machining must be done to tight tolerances and meet or exceed customer expectations. Many contract companies have excellent in-house quality control and related certifications that prove their expertise. In addition, most contract firms have a range of people on staff to assist the outsourcing team with designing the most efficient and effective parts.

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Circumstances to Contract CNC Machining

Some manufacturers may still be uncertain as to whether outsourcing is the best solution. Under some circumstances, contracting CNC machining work is an easy decision to make. Businesses that face the below challenges are best suited for outsourcing their work:

  • Inability to Add New Equipment: The cost, the operation, and the housing of adding new CNC machinery are all challenges to smaller and mid-sized firms that have a core business.
  • Production Range Is Narrow: Companies that specialize in one type of part may want to outsource needed components outside of this one area.
  • Schedules and Demand Changes Frequently: Some manufacturers have more seasonal demand, or the nature of their industries mean that demand fluctuates. Scaling up and down can be expensive. Outsourcing makes these changes in demand easier to manage.
  • Supply Chain Is Especially Complex: Contract manufacturing helps simplify your processes.

Any time a company’s core strengths could be diluted by adding new capabilities in-house, it is worth considering the value of contract manufacturing. Contract CNC machining benefits manufacturers of medical devices, aerospace and defense components, packing, and electronics.

Astro Machine Works for Your Contract Manufacturing

Astro Machine Works has the capacity for contract manufacturing for many industries including Medical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Food Processing, Government/Military, Aerospace, Electronics, Telecommunications, Packaging, and Industrial.

Our contract CNC machining services include lathing, milling, and turning on multiple axes. Finishing services can be customized to produce completed parts that are ready to go. We continually invest in our machinery and utilize state-of-the-art technologies that improve efficiency and effectiveness for our customers. We are ISO 9001 / AS9100 certified, ensuring the attention to quality and detail required by the industries with which we work.

To learn more about our services or to get started on a project, contact us today for a quote.

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