COVID-19 Response

Updated: 8/7/2020

To Our Valued Customers & Clients,

Throughout this unprecedented pandemic, we have committed to exceptional communication with our customers both openly and often. Today we are updating a previous communication from May 1, 2020 to keep you well-informed on our Coronavirus mitigation efforts and our level of resilience to continue unrestricted operations.

Most noteworthy is the recent addition of Automated Temperature Kiosks in each of our three production facilities – employees enter each day through one controlled entrance to each facility for temperature checks before continuing to their designated department or area. These automated kiosks use proprietary software to log each employee’s name and temperature and provide a visual color-coded pass/fail signal which allows or restricts entrance to the facility on that day. As always, spot sanitation is performed twice a day without fail and all facilities are “deep cleaned” twice a week during this “Green Phase” using fogging equipment and approved industrial sanitizers in addition to all other normal mitigation protocol (handwashing, hand sanitizer kiosks, social distancing, etc.). Most importantly, we are communicating extensively and transparently with our employees, customers, and other various stakeholders.

In conclusion, we have very robust disaster and preparedness systems in place and have been operating without fail. Our company has demonstrated a high level of resilience through well-structured procedures and an extensive commitment to mitigation efforts resulting in no disruptions to date. Thankfully, we have been designated as an essential business and operating continuously throughout these difficult times. We are very thankful to be an important part of your supply chain and will continue to provide uninterrupted service regardless of the challenges we are currently facing.

Eric L. Blow

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

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