Disaster and Preparedness Systems in Place

To Our Valued Customers & Clients,

Throughout this unprecedented pandemic, we have committed to exceptional communication with our customers both openly and often. Today we are responding to recent customer inquiries about our Disaster Recovery Plan, Coronavirus Preparedness Plan and/or the robustness of our risk mitigation efforts. In short, customers are inquiring as to our level of resilience during this unforeseen worldwide macroeconomic event and our ability to continue unrestricted operations.

Fortunately, we are considered “Life-Sustaining” and have been operational throughout this period of mandatory closures. We currently operate out of four individual industrial buildings which allows for proper social distancing and risk mitigation through separation of our various facilities. Spot sanitation is performed twice a day without fail and all facilities are “deep cleaned” each evening using fogging equipment and approved industrial sanitizers. All employees enter each day through one controlled entrance for temperature checks before continuing to their designated department or area. All hand wash areas are stocked with anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizer kiosks are stationed throughout the facility. Most importantly, we are communicating extensively and transparently with our employees, customers and other various stakeholders.

As a final point, we want to emphasize that we will continue to be open and functional for the continued support of our customers including those that have been operational and those that are coming back online currently. We have very robust disaster and preparedness systems in place and have been operating without fail. Our company has demonstrated a high level of resilience and are open for business while looking forward to being of service in any way possible. We are very proud to be a vital part of your supply chain and will continue to provide uninterrupted service regardless of the challenges we are currently facing.


Eric L. Blow
Astro Machine Works

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