Enhanced Quality Control: Our New, Sophisticated CMM

At Astro Machine Works, we believe technology and innovation are the foundations of quality manufacturing and are some of the biggest reasons why this country’s manufacturing industry is as good as it is. Therefore, we are always focused on advancing our capabilities through the latest technology, and we are never content to sit back and rest on past success.

As an example, we recently installed an Omni-Tech refurbished 20.12.10 LK G80C Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) in our inspection room, significantly increasing our quality control. The machine—manufactured by the same company who makes CMM machines for NASA—was built with us and our work in mind.

Made with advanced CMM controls by Renishaw, the leader in CMM innovation, its features include: PH20 5-axix infinite probing technology; UCC 2 CMM controllers; advanced CMM-Manager Software that creates programs directly from 3D CAD models; a fully-integrated measurement system, and more. The 5-axis PH20 technology means time-consuming indexing is a thing of the past, while its infinite positioning capability provides easy and optimum access to features at any angle.

So what does this completely new capability mean for us? It now allows us to inspect complex parts that typically can’t be checked dimensionally with normal inspection equipment. The sophisticated machine can be used during virtually any part of the manufacturing process, and it can be programmed per drawing.

Finally, what does this mean for our clients? While we’ve always been a company with impeccable quality control, this enhances our inspection and quality even more. This means that the machines and parts we make for you will be that much more precise.

In our ongoing commitment to investing in technology, we are proud to add this to our capabilities and to know that our customers will directly benefit from our latest addition.

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