Astro Machine Works Adds New High Performance CNC Turning Center

(Ephrata, PA) 5/2/12 – Astro Machine Works adds a Romi E280 High Performance Multi-Tasking Turning Center. This machine allows us to perform turning, boring, milling and tapping – all in a single setup. This is a true multi-tasking machine, efficiently performing difficult and complex machining processes.
The Romi E-Series machine is designed to fit the needs of mid and high volume production, offering flexibility with consistent accuracy from the first part to the last. We have also added live tooling for faster set up and reduced costs to our customers.

Some features of this machine include:

  • Fast rapid traverse rates for turret, right side spindle and tailstock.
  • Sub spindle for second side machining
  • Parts catcher and bar feed capabilities

Rapid traverse:

  • Z axis: 30 m/min (1,181 ipm)
  • X axis: 24 m/min (945 ipm)
  • Y axis: 18 m/min (709 ipm)
  • Axes acceleration: 0,7g
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