Astro Machine Works Adds Hurco VMX 84

Astro Machine Works in Ephrata, Pa has added a new Hurco Vertical Milling Machine. As part of our ongoing commitment to investing in relevant technology to keep ahead of customer needs, we’ve added a Hurco VMX 84 to our equipment list. An increasing demand for larger vertical milled parts was keeping our existing equipment near capacity, and this new machine, with a work envelope of 34” x 84” x 34”, gives us the ability to extend our maximum part size by a full 20”. Delivered and commissioned, it’s ready to join the front lines as the largest vertical milling machine on our shop floor.

Our technicians are eager to put this high tech piece of equipment to practical use. Capable of rapidly machining complex 3D geometries to exacting tolerances, this new Hurco gives us the ability to streamline the production of parts with difficult shapes and intricate contours. Another substantial feature of this machine is its probing capability. Probes can be used to automatically determine workpiece position and dimensions during the machining process to eliminate deviations, increase machine efficiency, and ensure the highest production quality.

Staying ahead of the technology curve is important to us at Astro Machine Works. Continually investing in the best equipment allows us to carry on the tradition of “delivering exceptional value” to our customers. As one of the few shops in the area with this piece of equipment, we are eager to not only offer existing customers greater capacity, we are also hoping the investment will help us continue to grow our business.

For more information, please visit our website, email Brian Hess or call 717.738.4281.

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