Made in the U.S.A.: How Manufacturing in the U.S. has Benefited Us

U.S. manufacturing and reshoring. Surely, the issue of reshoring, or bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., is something you have heard about by now. Although we at Astro have always been proud to manufacture domestically in America, many other companies throughout the industry are beginning to bring production back from offshore. In fact, according to recent articles, the trend looks to continue throughout the next few years. There are a plethora of reasons for reshoring, and we know offhand the true benefits that result from manufacturing here at home.

One of our company tag lines is “Delivering exceptional value,” which is in contrast to the offshoring that had been rampant in recent years, when many manufacturers were simply hunting for the cheapest parts. We consciously made the decision to keep our manufacturing in our domestic facilities, and this has proved beneficial to us and our customers. Why? First, as we already mentioned, we have been able to focus on the quality of our products and guarantee that we deliver the highest quality at every turn. Secondly, we have the ability to work hand in hand and consistently interact with our customers’ engineering groups and teams. Since many of our products are not “commodity” products, it is beneficial to the whole production process to collaborate closely with our clients and their engineering teams. Process and source inspection is also much more accessible to our customers, considering our domestic location.

Manufacturing here in the U.S. has also brought us high profile work, in industries and situations where security and confidentiality are paramount. Specifically in the defense and nuclear industries, our onshore work has enabled us to form relationships where it is essential that the work and materials are done domestically (for example, our ITAR certification allows us to work on U.S. ammunition systems). We welcome home manufacturing, and we know first-hand the benefits of being “Made in the U.S.A.”

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