Bidding Farewell to 2022- Welcoming New Opportunities in 2023

To our valued customers:

Happy New Year to all as we bring on 2023! Each year as the calendar turns, we like to utilize this season as a time of reflection and communication with our customer base. This is a moment for us to offer commentary on the events and accomplishments of the preceding year and to say “Thank You” for the trust and confidence that you, our customers, place in us each and every day.

A look back:

In looking back over the events of the previous year, 2022 will be remembered as a year of “inflation gone wild”. Although many inflationary characteristics were already materializing in 2021, I do not think anyone, at the onset of 2022, expected the continued inflationary burdens that we have seen. This pressure is being felt as a country as well as around the entire world by companies, municipalities, and individual families trying to navigate this new and challenging landscape. Not since the early eighties, have we seen inflationary complications of this magnitude which represent some of the worst of our lifetime. As always, Astro will make logical business decisions and will capitalize on opportunities as they manifest themselves throughout the year. Just like the great recession of 2008, many companies pulled back and let opportunities pass them by while Astro intensified its efforts, navigated the challenges of that time, and took market share in the process. We will always approach challenge and uncertainty aggressively and with sound and practical strategies. Having said that, we are happy to report that our continuous improvement initiatives over the last year, including our ERP implementation, and All-Fab acquisition are going well and have been contributing nicely to our overall success throughout 2022.

A look ahead: 

As we look ahead to 2023, we are opting for calculated growth once again as we look to increase our capital expenditure budget specifically for the purpose of adding a second Gantry Mill to our arsenal of large machine tools. As we continue to gain momentum in the large machining marketplace, we are installing a Parpas Diamond Linear 30, 5-axis machining center to provide added capacity. With travels of 118” x 102” x 47” respectively in the X, Y, & Z axis, this will be a perfect complement to our existing Gantry Mill, Bridge Mill and Large Five Axis Multitasking Equipment. In addition, our normal yearly commitments to employee recruitment, retention, development, and training will continue uninterrupted along with a very solid continuous improvement mindset. This, along with the firm foundation provided by our quality management system and our continued commitment to company culture assures that all is well at Astro Machine in 2023 and beyond!

So, bring on the New Year! Our focus is, was, and always will be, continuous improvement and growth to serve our growing customer base and to manage the ever-increasing levels of sophistication our customer’s demand. As a 100% employee-owned company, our commitment to customer satisfaction has never been greater!

In conclusion, we say from our team to yours; “We look very forward to providing continued support to our growing customer base in the upcoming year”. We at Astro thank you, our customer, for the confidence you have shown in us and your continued business throughout 2022!

We wish continued growth and prosperity to you and your organization and look forward to working with you again in 2023!

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