Our Expertise in Custom Machine Building Makes Us Top Choice for Custom Machinery to Manufacturers in All Industries and Applications

A recent National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) report accounts, “Taken alone, manufacturing in the United States would be the ninth-largest economy in the world.” Additionally, they state that manufacturers in the U.S. “are the most productive in the world, far surpassing the worker productivity of any other major manufacturing economy…” Suffice to say, there’s a lot of manufacturing activity going on! But behind all of that manufacturing activity you’ll find the people and machinery that make it all happen, helping to drive both the U.S. and world economy.

The employees at Astro Machine Works have been continuous contributors to the hard work that goes into building SPECIFIC manufacturing machinery. Since 1984, Astro has built custom machinery for clients who have come to us from many different industries including medical, food processing, aerospace, packaging, energy and more. In fact, our expertise has made us top choice for manufacturers’ custom machinery in all industries and applications.

We guess you could say it’s our specialty and passion. The custom machines we’ve built can be found at locations across the globe, performing in various kinds of work for many of the world’s leading companies. We handle all phases of a custom-machine-build project, from top to bottom. The list includes:

  • Welding and fabrication of the base or frame for the custom machine
  • Procurement of raw materials and commercially available components
  • Machining of component parts
  • Secondary processes: plating and anodizing
  • Painting and specialty finishing
  • CARC coatings
  • Complete mechanical assembly
  • Plumbing of any associated pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  • Wiring of main control cabinets including PLC wiring and operator stations
  • Debugging, testing, and checkout
  • Final skidding, crating, and shipping.

Each custom-machine-build project is staffed with an Astro Machine Works highly skilled and experienced project manager, overseeing a dedicated team of machinists, welders, electricians, and technicians. The project manager serves as a primary point of contact for our customers through each build phase, from start to finish, until a project is complete. An added bonus? Any future projects for repeat customers are staffed with the same manager and team, providing us and our customers with continuity and a sense of comfort. This process also enables us to work efficiently because of our familiarity with our customer’s expectations and preferences.

Learn more about the custom machine building we do at Astro Machine Works by visiting our website, and reach out to us through email or by phone at 717.738.4281, if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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