Our New Large Parts Machining Center is Up and Running

Over the past several months we have been expanding our operations to meet the demands of our customers for additional machining services. Our facility expansion is now complete, and we have recently brought ourWorker standing next to machine 2016 new APEC G3060 High Speed 5-Axis Gantry Mill on line. This new machine increases our CNC machining capacity, producing parts as large as 10x20x5 feet. It features 5-Axis, creating parts at a high speed, with high precision and a high rate of travel. We’re setting ourselves apart with a machine that gives us the capabilities you won’t commonly find at other manufacturing companies.

The unique gantry mill enables us to produce and weld extremely large machined parts –This includes components as big as a machine base, with 236” X-travel, 118” Y-travel, and 47” Z-travel. We can machine precision parts required for the manufacturing, aerospace, energy, government, or telecommunications industries. Simultaneous 5-axis and (3+2) five sided machining increases efficiency, also reducing set up time and retooling. This machine features 15,000 RPM HSK 100 Spindle and Rapids running at 60 m/min, a 5-Axis Kessler head, and Heidenhain TNC 530 control. Alongside high speed drilling, the mill provides high accuracy and rates of travel, capabilities necessary to help our customers in the best and most efficient ways possible to meet their end goals. Other large machines that you find simply won’t have the speed and accuracy that our gantry mill guarantees.

Adding equipment such as this enables us to keep up with marketplace demands and provide exceptional value to all of our customers. Through our dedicated staff and innovative technology we continue to maintain our high quality standards. With increased large machining capabilities, we will continue to deliver the highest quality machined parts to our dedicated and expanding customer base.

To learn more about Astro Machine’s newest 5-Axis gantry mill as well as all of our machining capabilities, please contact us today.

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