More Room for Manufacturing Capacity: Astro Machine Work’s Expansion Project is Complete!

Since July 2017, we’ve been working hard on our latest expansion effort. With business growing, the extension is the best way to take on more capacity and meet our growing customer demands.

Located in Ephrata, PA, Astro Machine Works has added an additional 10,125 feet to building #2. The addition is a tremendous opportunity to expand our machining, fabrication and welding capabilities. Larger projects can now be fabricated with the addition of a 10-ton overhead crane in our welding and fabrication department.

Abiding by strict regulations for our pharmaceutical, medical and food-related customers, we’ve separated our carbon steel fabrication from aluminum and stainless steel welding/fabrication operations.

We are a top industry leader in custom machine building, prototype machining, and CNC machining of metals and plastics. Some of the industries we serve include manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace, food processing, government, and telecommunications.

Our ever-expanding company allows us to continually upgrade the quality of our machining and manufacturing proficiencies.

Exceptional customer service is our number one priority.

We look forward to future endeavors that come our way as we continue to deliver superior solutions through our dedicated team and innovative technologies.

For information on our capabilities, how we can help you with your next project or for updates on our new facility, please contact us.

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