Smarter Decisions, Bigger Expansions

Being successful in business means being smart in business. It’s about making great products and great decisions; a recipe for companies to compete and stay ahead.

At Astro Machine Works, we live by this philosophy. Our own progress with high quality products, at reasonable prices, results in decisions that are best for both the company and customer. One example came into play last year. At the end of 2014, we took advantage of Congress’ renewal series of federal tax breaks, allowing us to save money while expanding our inventory. By stocking up on necessities, and additionally saving, we achieved Entrepreneur magazine’s #1 “smart tax move.”

Specifically, “section 179 deduction”—which provided a tax credit of up to $500,000 for large manufacturing equipment. This created a great ripple effect. With the purchase of four new pieces of equipment we expanded our facilities, our capacity, and our capabilities.American manufacturing

By taking full advantage of the extended tax breaks in 2014, 2015 got off to a very good start. We have continued to offer our clients the custom machining capabilities that they need at the prices they can afford, and supply even more offerings in the process. We were also able to hire more people, making additions to the team, and growing without extra costs on both ends. Smart decision making allowed 2015 to start off as another successful year.

After 30+ years in business, we’ve learned about success with a return on investment. By knowing the ins and outs of the business, we are happy to say that our savvy decisions have led to continued growth and a bigger and better Astro Machine Works.

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