Types of EDM Machining & Their Applications

Are you interested in learning more about the versatile and essential manufacturing technology of EDM machining? It has many uses across industries, including medical and aerospace, defense, automation, energy production, and beyond. It has the ability to produce highly precise parts with intricate shapes or details, even when working on hardened materials.

Thus, creating essential components in high-end applications. Whether you are seeking simple mechanical parts or complex 3D forms, understanding the distinct capabilities offered by this process can help you make an informed decision when moving forward with your next project.

We’ll look at the various types of EDM machine processes available and know their specific applications within modern industrial processes. Understanding which kind of EDM machine may be suitable for your business needs!

EDM Machining

What is EDM or Electrical Discharge Machining?

EDM machining is a non-traditional process that uses electrical discharges or electrodes, which pass to the workpiece and are separated by a dielectric liquid. After that, the spark discharge erodes the workpiece piece by piece until the desired form is achieved.

There are three different types of EDM machining, which are wire EDM, die sinking EDM, and EDM hole drilling. These are the diverse and popular ways of removing material from a conductive workpiece using thermal energy, regardless of its mechanical properties.

Spark machining is another term EDM machining goes by due to the electrical sparks. And manufacturers use this precision machining process if other machining methods, such as deep crevices, can’t create their desired cuts.

The Three Types of EDM

Electrical discharge machining can be divided into three different types, including:

Wire EDM

This type of EDM machining is also known as wire erosion, which uses a very thin wire, usually brass, as the electrode to burn the workpiece. Here, the wire is spun in a carefully controlled manner between two reels. It causes a spark between the wire and the workpiece, and the cutting is done in deionized water.

Computer software controls the entire operation, including the electrical current on the wire’s path. And due to its incredible efficiency, it’s the ideal option when cutting delicate and intricate shapes. It’s the most reliable EDM technique, capable of achieving tight tolerances.

Here are the typical wire EDM applications:

  • Concept build prototypes
  • Shapes carbine tools and templates
  • Manufacturing of micro-tooling
  • Blanking punches and extrusion dies
  • Medical devices
  • Used in Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Semiconductor

At Astro Machine Works, the wire EDM process is one of our main specializations. Our in-house facility is fully equipped with cutting-edge equipment to produce quality parts according to your specifications and requirements.

Die Sinking EDM

Die sinking EDM is an ideal process for manufacturing parts and components with complex cavities by forming the desired shape. The inverse of the shape is imprinted on the part as the electrode forces itself into the workpiece. At the same time, a control mechanism controls the gap voltage while maintaining the sparking.

The following are the main components:

  • Copper electrodes
  • Dielectric fluid
  • The electric spark produced by the electrode and workpiece

These three elements can create fine finishes, especially for parts with a tight corner radius. It’s also versatile, allowing for machining parts of different sizes.

Hole Drilling EDM

The third type of EDM process is EDM hole drilling, which is used to drill holes. Like a drill bit, a small hollow tube electrode spins during the process. One advantage of hole drilling EDM over other drilling techniques is that deburring isn’t required because material hardness doesn’t affect the process.

EDM hole drilling is capable of drilling any angle of small holes. It’s a machining capability ideal for precision parts used in demanding environments, such as those in the aerospace or medical sector.

Choose the Right Type of EDM Machining for Your Applications

Determining the proper EDM machining technique for your projects lies on its intended application or purpose. Out of the three, wire EDM is the most popular due to its ability to cut hard materials.

Fortunately, Astro Machine Works specializes in wire EDM for various industries to support their projects. If you have any questions or concerns about our service, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our team is ready to tackle any EDM machining challenge your project requires.

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