With Exceptional Value, You Get Exceptional Loyalty

Delivering exceptional value. In its simplicity, this phrase comprises the nuts and bolts of Astro Machine Works. Here at Astro, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality services and products. It has worked well for us in the 28 years we have been in business—our very first employees are still with the company; we have relatively no turnover of both customers and employees. We think our low turnover rate illustrates the fact that exceptional value equals exceptional loyalty.

So what do we mean by exceptional value? We offer first-class machining services while striking a balance between quality and price. When we originally began, we concentrated in custom machine building. More recently, we have branched out into other service areas, such as welding and fabrication, design support, machine repair, rebuilding and refurbishment, reverse engineering, and panel wiring and control systems. When performing all of these services, we guarantee that any service on our part will be a solution for your unique problems. Additionally, our diverse and high quality solutions (we are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C certified) help to forge long-standing relationships between ourselves and our customers. You can rest assured that your projects are in the best of hands—our history proves that all of our team members are respected artists in their fields, and they are armed with the best equipment and decision-making skills.

How far our company has come—from four individuals beginning in 1984 to 28 years of loyal customers—mirrors our mission to provide the best possible services available. Our main business philosophy has helped to maintain our current base of customers while also reaching out to an ever-increasing customer base. Our reputation speaks to the truth: we do not sacrifice quality for price. We have had non-stop growth throughout the recent recession, and we hope to continue that by adhering to these core values on a daily basis.

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