CNC Precision Machining

Precision Machining Services

Astro Machine Works, Inc. provides a wide range of precision machining services to meet your unique parts requirements. We specialize in single-part prototyping, short to medium production runs, and special blanket order arrangements with periodic scheduled releases. We provide precision machining solutions for a wide range of clients, including those in the medical, government, energy, aerospace and manufacturing industries.


Astro Machine Works features a wide range of precision machining capabilities, including a full complement of computerized and manual milling and turning centers, as well as wire-EDM and water jet and laser cutting capabilities. Our CNC lathe machining capabilities offer small to very large capacities. The CNC lathes we use are custom configured for the most intricate applications and integrate with all of our CAD/CAM software systems. Our CNC machining department, equipped with CAD/CAM software, has the ability to download customer drawing files from anywhere in the world, greatly streamlining our machining processes. This has given us the ability to provide our customers with shorter turnaround times and a lower cost-per-piece than was possible with previous technology. In addition to the CNC lathe capabilities offered to our customers, we also feature a robust offering of simultaneous 5-Axis machining and five-sided milling capabilities. These machines allow our customers to obtain parts with complex shapes and geometries at a competitive price point. This type of precision machining is also incredibly accurate, and provides a smooth surface finish when it is needed most.dsc02369-800


Our Continued Investment in Precision Machining

At Astro Machine Works, Inc., our passion is efficient and consistent machining. We constantly strive to provide our customers with excellent value and trusted service, and doing that means staying up-to-date on emerging technology in our industry. To ensure that we keep pace with our customers’ needs, we have a formal capital investment policy that mandates continued investment in computerized machine tools and other state of the art technologies.

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Astro Machine Works is dedicated to smooth, highly efficient precision machining. Whether it’s machining complex components, jigs, fixtures, or gages, or repairing or modifying parts, Astro has the expertise to deliver the results you expect.

If you are in need of CNC precision machining, reverse engineering, machine building and rebuilding, prototyping, or fabrication services, we are ready to become your trusted partner in success. Use our easy contact form to provide the necessary information and we will promptly contact you regarding your machining needs!