Reverse Engineering

Our reverse engineering service was born out of Astro’s commitment to listen to our customers’ needs and follow up with superior solutions. Several years ago, a key customer approached us with a major problem. They were unsuccessfully trying to obtain OEM parts that were no longer being produced.

Astro personnel rose to the challenge by creating a program that enabled customer-supplied parts to be reverse engineered, documented with appropriate tolerances, and quoted in advance for future production. We committed substantial resources and became experts in FARO Arm coordinate measuring technology. The end result was a program that provided customers with high-quality, custom machine parts in less time and at lower prices than the original OEM alternative.


This business segment has grown dramatically since inception. Today, we maintain a database comprised of literally thousands of documented custom machine parts drawings for our customers. And most importantly, they take comfort in knowing that their production lines will experience minimal disruption when a parts need arises. Our development of this unique CNC prototype machining process allows us to provide our customers with the parts they require regularly at the price they expect.

Prepared to Meet Your Custom Machine Parts Needs

Our reverse engineering services have streamlined many of our clients’ processes by providing fast replacement machine parts whenever necessary. Our professional CNC prototype machining services are available to you the second you need a custom machine part. Take advantage of Astro’s expertise; contact us about your custom machine needs today!