Astro Machine Works 5 Top Capabilities

Astro Machine Works has a very diverse shop, including milling & turning capabilities for diverse needs including prototype development to production runs.  This includes CNC and manual lathes which have turning diameters up to 40″ and lengths to 160″ including live tooling. We have milling capabilities to machine surfaces up to 118” x 236”.  Our complete CNC turning and milling capabilities consisting of 26 CNC vertical mills and 16 CNC turning centers.

Custom Machine Building

Our engineers and designers spend time to know your unique needs and requirements so they can develop a truly custom solution.  We have the knowledge, skills, and most advanced technology at our disposal. No matter the nature and scope of your project, we can handle any and all phases to create a design that exceed your expectations.

Contract Manufacturing

We specialize in efficient production of parts using your company’s designs to create a project, short or long term. We wrote previously about Contract CNC Machining.

Reverse Engineering

As part of our commitment to solving challenging problems for our customers, Astro Machine Works has developed reverse engineering services that enable us to reproduce replacement & obsolete parts in a timely and cost-effective manner. All we need is a sample of the worn or broken part and we can produce a replacement part that will perform just like the original.

Wire EDM Services

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is an advanced machining process that relies on the precise application of electrical sparks to produce a desired workpiece shape or finish. Wire EDM (WEDM) is a variation of the EDM machining method that is often used for cutting plates or forming ties, tools or punches from harder metals that are typically not conducive to standard machining processes.  We have 3 Wire EDM Machines for fast parts turnaround:

  • Sodick AG400L: X = 15.75, Y = 11.8, Z = 9.85
  • Sodick AQ537L: X = 22.45, Y = 14.570, Z = 13.00
  • Sodick AQ600LH: X = 23.622, Y = 15.75, Z = 19.00
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