Why It Is Important To Embrace Training and Apprenticeships Opportunities as a Company

With skilled workers in short supply, training and apprenticeship programs within companies are becoming more important than ever; this is most evident in the Manufacturing Sector. For employers, there are many benefits.

About In-House Training

Rather than looking only to colleges for training, many organizations are choosing to provide in-house courses and apprenticeships. This gives the employer the opportunity to train workers, putting them in control when it comes to exactly what skills to teach. In addition, colleges simply aren’t providing trained workers at a fast enough rate to meet demand in many industries, explains The Keplinger Letter, a leader in business forecasts.

Making Apprenticeships a Reality

Although the process might seem costly, federal government funding is helping apprenticeships become more of a viable option for U.S. companies. President Trump recently included $200 million in grants towards apprenticeships and funding for pilot projects, as per The Keplinger Letter. Many states are also promoting these educational opportunities.

The results so far look positive, making money spent on training and apprenticeships a good investment for organizations. For example, training programs typically result in low turnover, and the businesses that are providing these opportunities are seeing an ROI anywhere between 5 and 25 percent. As for the trainees, they take on a steady educational program that has a good chance of turning into long-term employment.

Internships & Apprenticeships at Astro Machine Works

Here at Astro Machine Works, we have internship programs where students at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and other local colleges can work to earn degree credits, either during summer or throughout the year. Mentorship and sponsorship programs are also opportunities we support as a multi-industry manufacturer.

Initiatives such as these attract new talent to our organization and also help us to continue to grow. Founded in 1987 in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, today we are a custom machinery and precision parts manufacturer.

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