Manufacturers Seek to Mend the Skills Gap

Working in U.S. manufacturing has certain specialized skills compared to other professions; a background in STEM education is helpful in obtaining skills such as instruction in working with machinery and specialized equipment and creative problem-solving skills.

A shortage of applicants meeting these qualifications has created a skills gap within the country. Now, many manufacturing companies are trying to attract millennial talent to help close that gap.

Why Is There a Skills Gap?

To solve the issue of the skills gap requires first fully understanding its origins. One cause is the many baby boomers that are now reaching retirement age. As they leave their positions, there are not enough millennials to fill the vacancies, largely because many of them are deterred by myths about the manufacturing industry.

Another cause is women’s underrepresentation in STEM fields. Benefits of a gender-diverse workforce include added qualities such as productivity and empathy to organizations that men may lack.

Bar graph showing projected percentage increases in STEM jobs from 2010 to 2020

Manufacturers Have the Power Fill the Skills Gap

By offering training and tools for workers on the production lines and in offices, U.S. manufacturers can increase growth leading to a stronger manufacturing sector and a better global economy.

Here at Astro Machine Works, we believe that teaching younger generations about rewarding career opportunities in manufacturing and embracing women as valuable members of the team can make a difference. This involves dispelling manufacturing-related myths and promoting STEM education, two efforts that we value.

More on Millennials

For American manufacturers to attract and retain millennial talent, a strong internal training program is a necessity. Manufacturers can also attend career fairs to connect face-to-face with young people. Forming real relationships increases the chances of filling open jobs.

Millennials are also more likely to stay in a manufacturing position if they feel that they are making some sort of an impact on others. Showing newcomers how current jobs contribute to a bigger goal, and supporting their development within the industry are additional ways manufacturers can help make the skills gap a problem of the past.

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