Machining Precision Parts Becomes More Efficient When Using Latest Technology to Get the Job Done!

For more than three decades, we’ve been machining precision parts and components at Astro Machine Works. In addition, we’ve also built custom machinery and equipment for our customers. Whatever type of project we’re working on, our customers (who come to us from all industries) know they can count on us for delivering quality work, exceptional value, and a level of expertise that they will not find elsewhere. We believe we’ve built this great reputation through our commitment to investing in the latest technology. Such advances help us to do projects as efficiently as possible, and like we say on our website, “We do things right the first time.”

The latest example of our technology investments include our Integrex i-400. Adding to our machining capabilities and enhancing our expertise, the Integrex i-400 is a multi-tasking machine that dually functions as a high-powered turning center and full-function machining center. It’s already running at our facility in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, and we’re seeing the reduction in lead-time and improvement in part accuracy that this machine – with its “super-powers” –promises. The Integrex i-400 gives us the ability to manufacture medium and large complex parts in single setups. It offers full 5-axis machining capability, so we’re able to use the latest technology available, today, to process fully prismatic parts from solid or castings (chucked or bar fed), round parts and/or highly contoured parts.

We’re able to mill and turn part features with extreme accuracy. This ability guarantees consistent quality and end results at the highest levels, making everyone – both us and our customers – extremely happy! To put it simply, the advanced technology and capabilities provided to us by our new Integrix i-400, make complex jobs easier to do. We use fewer machines, fixtures and tools, and it takes less time to manufacture complex components and parts. The time saved ultimately translates to more value and more savings for our customers.

Machining precision parts and components becomes more efficient when you’re using the latest technology to get the job done, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Astro Machine Works!

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