It’s Not Your Grandad’s Factory Anymore: Tech Takes a Front Seat on the Factory Floor

When some people think of manufacturing, they imagine what it once looked like years ago. Since that time, the industry has changed, and it is no longer what is typically perceived. In the past few decades, there have been incredible improvements and technological advances.

Frequently one hears, “America was built on manufacturing,” and those of us at Astro Machine Works would have to agree. For years, manufacturing has supplied jobs to workers across the U.S. and looking at the current economy, many predict that it’s not going to slow down anytime soon.

One challenge the industry faces is the labor shortage, as skilled workers will need to be replaced. Overall, much of the manufacturing workforce will soon be retiring and there aren’t nearly enough new, incoming workers to make the trade.

While there are many reasons people may be shying away from jobs in manufacturing, (one being preconceived notions that manufacturing is dirty), the reality is that the industry has greatly changed. What many think of when they envision manufacturing is far from the reality. Today, workers utilize computers, robotics, and machines as a part of their daily functions. Technology is the way of the future and without that background knowledge you are exposing yourself to a major risk. Skilled labor jobs can pay extremely well and, in many cases, you can train in a specialized program without paying the exorbitant coast for a 4-year college degree. The benefits of working in manufacturing often outweigh other options and offer incoming millennials a high rate of satisfaction.

As the face of manufacturing has been changing, so has the workforce. Manufacturing companies are starting to embrace women as highly valued staff members. On that note, we are excited to announce our first female machinist intern, a student who is attending Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.

Here at Astro, we believe that as more people get a better understanding of the opportunities available throughout the industry, more will be drawn back to the security and rewarding opportunities that manufacturing can offer.

As an industry leader, Astro Machine Works provides services in custom machine building, CNC precision machining, welding and fabrication, panel wiring and control systems, reverse engineering, machine repair, rebuilding and refurbishment, 5-axis machining and milling, and wire EDM machining.

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