Welcoming the “Golden Era:” STEM, the Skills Gap, and Women in Manufacturing

The manufacturing landscape has been fairly dramatic over the past few years.

With reshoring becoming a reality and a trend of consequence, conjectures have abounded. Will manufacturing reclaim its stronghold? Will its contribution to the GDP rise?

Micrographic showing what's important to women in the manufacturing industry
While there are no definitive answers or fool proof estimates, one thing is crystal clear. In order to usher in the “Golden Era of Manufacturing,” a number of novel initiatives have to be taken to:

  • Bridge the “Skills Gap”
  • Bring in more creative thinking
  • Assemble a workforce of passionate individuals who are committed to solving problems

Times Have Changed:

The favorite refrain of manufacturing evangelist is the claim, “It’s not your grandfather’s factory anymore.” This is true. Tried and tested, traditional steps will not leave much of an impact because the criteria on which manufacturing excellence is judged has changed. Right now it is not enough to bump up the head count to get more done.

Workers must have the science instruction and STEM background to master technologically advanced, robotics augmented equipment. They should be able to think outside the box instead of relying on the supervisor’s instructions. And lastly, they must possess real passion for crafting innovative solutions and improving the global quality of life.

The move that can bolster efforts like Manufacturing Day and STEM awareness directed towards achieving these outcomes is the inclusion and encouragement of women in manufacturing.

Astro Machine Works stands for positive progression of manufacturing with the help and support of women. It is committed to reducing the gender gap in this sector which is delineated by the fact that a low 27% of manufacturing jobs are currently filled by female workers.

Why are Women the Future of Manufacturing?

Studies by Pepperdine have shown that women “beat the industry average in terms of productivity and profitability.” They are likely to see things others do not and can relate to their peers in more empathetic ways giving rise to a workforce that sticks and works together.

This lays the foundation of viability. Exactly what is needed to rejuvenate manufacturing!

Women are driven by the challenges that manufacturing roles have to offer. In fact, two thirds of female workers have professed that given opportunities to expand they would never consider leaving a company or the industry. This is an excellent counter to the trend of churn.

Companies and suppliers the world over are waking up to the untapped potential of women in manufacturing. Thankfully the U.S is well on its way to integrating any extremes and bringing gender diversity to its workforce.

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