The Manufacturing Industry Celebrates U.S. Made July 4th!

America claimed independence from England on July 4, 1776, and since then Americans have celebrated July 4th each year as a remembrance of this historic event. Although a draft to claim independence was given to five men, the original draft was penned by Thomas Jefferson. It did go through several small changes and markups, but the meaning in his writing stayed the same. On the afternoon of July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted officially by the Continental Congress and became the “law of the land” for the U.S.A.

For American businesses taking pride in both country and company, the Made in America Movement, or American Made Matters Movement, supports U.S. made products throughout the states. They also provide support to companies looking to continue the common goal. American Made Matters understands an important economic business cycle – buying American goods creates job opportunities for future generations, helps to reduce our deficit, and continually supports U.S. strides and American independence.

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Astro Machine Works is proud to be a member of American Made Matters.

As a U.S. owned and production based company, we have been manufacturing precision parts for over 30 years. Astro is equipped for custom machine building, CNC machining, welding, panel wiring & control systems, reverse engineering, refurbishment & rebuilding, and 5 axis machining & milling. We serve a wide range of industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, energy, food processing, government, aerospace electronics/semiconductors, telecommunications, packaging, and general manufacturing.

There are three additional organizations that are making history in the American Made Movement.

  • Workshops for Warriors is a non-profit school that helps veterans by training, certifying, and placing veterans in advanced manufacturing jobs.
  • Open Source Maker Labs provides a high-tech digital fabrication lab. Members can learn, innovate, collaborate, and design to build just about anything. They include access to equipment, tools, workspace, and other resources for makers of all skill levels and age ranges. This type of environment encourages community building and translates into widespread skill learning and creative inspiration.
  • Edge Factor is a free service where audience members can watch television shows and films that are produced to inspire others. They depict real stories showcasing extraordinary groups of people who push “the edge” of what is possible.

Interested in inspiring others to participate in American Made? You can help and become a part of the cause too! Keep an eye on the above participants to spread the word about America and her manufacturing industry.

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We wish you all a Happy July 4th!

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