10 Reasons to Support the Made in America Movement

American flag on flagpole blowing in the windGuided by a lasting commitment to American businesses, the Made in America Movement works to inspire American companies to source from American manufacturers and return offshored jobs to American workers. In the process, it hopes to ensure the health of American manufacturing, and advance the small businesses that comprise so much of the American economy.

The Made in America Movement comes at a momentous time for American manufacturing. As advances in manufacturing technology continue to stimulate growth and productivity throughout the industry, American companies are reshoring jobs they previously outsourced to foreign manufacturers. With the risks of offshoring and the value of domestic sourcing and fabrication becoming increasingly clear, Americans have more reason than ever to invest in American goods and services.

Benefits of Buying American Made

American manufacturing offers significant advantages over offshore manufacturing. Its many benefits include:

  • Stronger Labor Laws
    Rapidly industrializing countries such as China and India have significantly less strict labor laws than the United States, leaving workers in these countries vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. By working with American manufacturers, you can rest assured that the workers responsible for your products operate under safe conditions and receive fair wages for their labor.
  • Better Consumer Protections
    Products manufactured abroad are subject to lower safety standards than domestic goods. Many foreign-made toys, for example, contain dangerous levels of lead, which can cause serious or fatal illness in the adults and children who handle them. In contrast, American manufacturers are subject to well-established consumer protection regulations to ensure that consumers can safely enjoy products manufactured on U.S. soil.
  • Economic Development
    Purchasing products made in the United States has extensive economic benefits. It creates jobs for American workers, protects existing jobs, and ensures that American workers receive the wages they deserve. In turn, expanding American manufacturing operations creates related opportunities for the banks, construction firms, and energy suppliers with which they work. In short, an investment in American manufacturing is an investment in the entire economy.
  • Environmental Safety
    Many countries that handle offshored American jobs have lax environmental regulations. Without effective governmental oversight, companies based in these countries routinely emit dangerously high levels of greenhouse gases and release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere and soil, threatening the health of the planet. American companies, on the other hand, are required by law to minimize their environmental impact however they can, from limiting carbon emissions to properly disposing of toxic waste.

2018 U.S. Manufacturing Trends

Recent developments in American manufacturing will likely have a significant influence on the industry’s growth in the years to come. Some of these factors include:

  • Reshoring
    Attracted by superior quality and safety regulations and more competitive production costs, American companies have begun to return jobs to the U.S. in large numbers after years of outsourcing production to other countries.
  • Green Manufacturing
    As supplies of raw materials continue to diminish, renewable resources have become a more practical and cost-effective investment than ever before. American manufacturers are embracing the rise of sustainability by minimizing waste and reusing resources whenever possible, gaining a significant competitive advantage in the process.
  • Cloud Technologies
    Cloud computing has quickly transformed the manufacturing industry, helping users reduce their spending on their IT infrastructure while providing them with unparalleled speed, security, and connectivity.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
    The IoT could soon connect every electronic device in the country, from heavy industrial machinery to wristwatches. In the years to come, most manufacturing equipment in the United States will likely be connected via IoT, enabling manufacturers to control production more effectively than ever.
  • AI and Machine Learning

While nearly every American manufacturer already relies on automation to some extent, AI and machine learning could enable users to further streamline production processes. With the ability to analyze performance data as soon as it arrives without human intervention, manufacturers can anticipate and proactively respond to shifts in demand and adapt their manufacturing strategies as needed.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions
    ERP systems are the fruits of the IoT and machine learning. Well-designed ERP software can consolidate every aspect of operations into a single interconnected system, providing users with unprecedented insight into production and enabling them to make better business decisions.

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At Astro Machine Works, we’re encouraged by the recent revival of American manufacturing. For over three decades, we’ve provided American companies in a broad range of industries with world-class machining services, using our experience and homegrown ingenuity to provide our customers with lasting solutions to their challenges.

As proud supporters of the Made in America Movement, Astro Machine Works hopes to contribute however we can to the continued success of American manufacturing. In the years to come, we’re confident that we’ll demonstrate that American manufacturing is the finest in the world. If you’d like to work with us on your next project, contact us today.

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